Smartroof with ridge evaporator

The SmartRoof developed for Tegnis BV consists of a thick layer of high-quality insulation panels (Rc of 7.2) on which solar panels are mounted. The solar panels generate  energy for the home. Under the solar panels, cooling air flows, allowing the panels to deliver optimal efficiency.

Across the entire length of the roof, a so-called ridge evaporator is installed in the top. A natural airflow is drawn from the gutter under the solar panels and then flows over the ridge evaporator. Even in cases of calm wind or periods without sun, sufficient flow is available. This is due to the pressure differences in front, above, and behind the house, and a downward downwash caused by the cooling air descending between the blades of the evaporator.

Finally, a horizontal wind component is also used, which can flow through the ridge evaporator but is otherwise separate from the roof. The king-size evaporator, combined with the natural draft, provides the thermal energy for the home's heating via a heat pump.

A heat pump (and boiler combination) up to 8 kW can be connected as standard. However, examples have already been built with a ridge length of 9 meters and a heat pump of 14 kW.

Even under the most unfavorable conditions, the airflow through the evaporator is sufficient to keep the house comfortably warm at temperatures down to -12 degrees without electric auxiliary heating.

Suitable for renovation and new-build homes.

Remarkable detail: Both the ridge evaporator and the accompanying heat pump are absolutely silent.

Smartroof with ridge evaporator