Decentralized unit

Developed for Tegnis BV:

Decentralized balanced ventilation with heat recovery, heating, cooling, and air purification per room.

The Climatefit series has been specially developed to limit the disadvantages of central ventilation and central heating/cooling. These devices specifically adjust the heat and air renewal demand to the room where they are placed. This prevents oversizing and losses from central heating systems.

For air renewal, only outdoor air is supplied directly through the facade via a heat recovery unit. Thus, no air recirculation from other rooms. Heat and ventilation are demand-driven. Heating via a remotely controllable control screen/thermostat, and ventilation via CO2 and humidity measurement.

Furthermore, the units have air purification capabilities via ionization and, if desired, cold plasma.

The following types are available:

Climatefit-C with built-in micro heat pump. This device ventilates, heats, cools (actively), and purifies the air.

Climatefit-W with a water-side connection for use in combination with a central heating boiler or heat pump.

Climatefit-E with a 1200 W electric heating element.

Climatefit-E with a 400 W electric heating element. Given its dimensions and performance, this unit is particularly suitable for bedrooms.

Under normal conditions the soundlevel remains under 30 DBA. Most people don't even hear them.

Apart from renovation and new-build homes, these units are very suitable for apartments and care institutions. Especially in the light of Covid-19, decentralized ventilation in these centers is a must.

Decentralized Unit