LED Light

LED technology carries the promise of a long lifespan in combination with low energy consumption.

This is true, but only if a fixture is specifically designed for LED, with perfect thermal and electrical properties. Thermodynamic balance is one of the most important considerations in LED design. With this in mind, our concepts are designed. The lifespan of LED light sources is roughly halved with every 10 degrees Celsius increase in the temperature of the 'junction', the semiconductor in the light source. Therefore, the heat sink is the first step in our designs, based on the average local air temperature.

By keeping the junction temperature as low as possible, we manage to optimize the lifespan and efficiency of the light source, resulting in a usage duration of 80,000 hours, or an average of 20 years.

The 'Ceramic' series outdoor lighting fixtures are specifically designed for use in very inhospitable and warm conditions up to 40 degrees Celsius at night. This, combined with the mixture of sand and dust, demanded high requirements for the chosen materials and, above all, the durability of the whole.

In this design, extremely high demands were placed on the thermal properties of the lamp, which can deliver a power of up to 400 Watts in various light colors.

A combination of technical ceramics, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, sapphire glass and the most efficient light sources available ensure that this fixture works flawlessly for many years to come.

Given the operational conditions, it was a requirement that the fixture would cool passively, so without forced air flow. This has resulted in the whimsically looking pin-heat sink that is located like a brush on top of the fixture.

Ceramic LED light