About us

DEI stands for 'Dutch Engineering & Innovation' and is a collective of engineers and inventors that offers support in the field of technical related issues.

This can pertain to concept, product and system development, project guidance, and quality assurance.

The members of the partnership work in various industries and have already made their mark there. Through our combined knowledge of the market, technology, and regulations, we can provide practical solutions by adapting existing solutions.

However, the situation often calls for a newly developed custom solution.

Our focus is particularly directed towards energy-related projects, which are mainly carried out on behalf of businesses and governments.

In addition, DEI also develops products under its own management, where applications for the private market are also realized. Because we have a wide network and collaborate with knowledge institutes where desirable, we are able to respond quickly and adequately to your specific issue.

Change by design

Our Vision

DEI Technology develops and produces concepts and products on commission and under our own management.

How does it usually work in the market? Most concepts for sustainable energy are based on existing principles, components, and systems. These are assembled in various variants.

In short; the existing supply directs the solution.

This order inhibits innovation.

It is not the supply, but the demand that should determine the technology and the design of the concept or product.

How does it work at DEI? For us, everything revolves around that one 100% project-specific solution. If that can be achieved with existing principles and components: great. But often, we start with a blank slate.

Our approach

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