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Development Collective

Dei Technology BV is an engineering and development collective specializing in highly innovative technical concepts and solutions

Our skills

Technological innovation

Concept development

Product development

Ceramic LED light

Our Vision:

DEI Technology develops and produces concepts and products on commission and under our own management.

How does it usually work in the market? Most concepts for sustainable energy are based on existing principles, components, and systems. These are assembled in various variants.

In short; the existing supply directs the solution.

This order inhibits innovation. It is not the supply, but the demand that should determine the technology and the design of the concept or product.

How does it work at DEI? For us, everything revolves around that one 100% project-specific solution. If that can be achieved with existing principles and components: great. But often, we start with a blank slate.

Our work

Here you will find a limited selection of previously developed products.

Smart roof with ridge evaporator

Smart roof with integrated ridge evaporator

Decentralized unit

Decentralized unit

Ceramic LED light

Ceramic LED light

Silent heatpump

Silent central heatpump

We don't believe in limitations

What we do

Technological Innovation

DEI stands for Dutch Engineering & Innovation. Through a changing composition of experienced specialists per project we develop customized solutions in almost every conceivable field, with an extra focus on energy-related matters.

Often, an existing principle can be improved, but sometimes it is better to create a brand new concept from scratch, and the latter is our specialty.

We strive to create high-tech innovations with consideration for sustainability and a climate-neutral effect.

Concept development

Concept development involves creating and developing new ideas, concepts, and strategies. It encompasses the process of generating innovative concepts, elaborating on these ideas to form concrete plans, and assessing their feasibility and market potential. Concept development often includes identifying needs and opportunities, conducting market research, brainstorming and prototyping, evaluating different concepts, and selecting the most promising concept for further development. The ultimate goal of concept development is to create valuable and distinctive ideas that can lead to successful products, services, or strategies.

Product Development

Product development refers to the process of creating and improving products to meet customer needs and market demands. It involves the entire lifecycle of a product, from conceptualization and design to manufacturing, testing, and launch. Product development typically includes market research and analysis to identify customer preferences, idea generation and concept development, detailed design and engineering, prototyping and testing, refining and iterating based on feedback, and finally, scaling up production and commercialization. Throughout the process, considerations such as functionality, quality, cost-effectiveness, usability, and market competitiveness are taken into account to ensure the successful development of a market-ready product.